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Last updated: November 10, 2016

General Utilization

Players are limited to one account per person/IP address.

Players earn coins by waiting 210 seconds, completing offers, participate to mini-game, referral link.

Players must provide accurate and truthful information to Winaskin.com and their partners (including offers, surveys, etc.)

You must have your steam profil set to public and own the game CS:GO

Winaskin administrators have the right to adjust your coin balance in case of cheating or manipulating system to earn coins.

When a player wins a raffle, he/she can request or trade in coins his skin(s) won.

Skins ( Raffles ) will be traded into coins automatically after 7 days if not requested.

Skins ( Free Bar ) will be traded into coins automatically after 48 hours if not requested.

Skins ( Free Bar ) : The possibility to request a skin will be canceled after 7 days.

Winaskin's administrators have the right to ban any account(s) that are showing suspicious activity, (Example: using proxy, VPN, or public connections.)

Winaskin's administrators have the right to reset any account(s) that are inactive for 60 days or more.

Winaskin is not responsible for any damage caused from their website or from any partner websites (offers/surveys website).

We reserve the right to close this website at anytime without any compensation for the loss of all user's coins.

We don't refund any coins.


Skin & coins have no value in €, $ or any other currency.

Skin giveaways/raffles are to be considered donations; it's not possible to buy a skin with coins or any other way on Winaskin.com.

Skins are purchased through the Steam Market.


It's not possible to create 2 mini-games at same time.

Mini-game is built provably fair algorithm; it's not possible to change the results.

Raffles and Raffle Times

Raffles and Raffles Title are provably fair; it's not possible to change the result.

We can refund a Raffle or Raffle Time without notice.

We can add time in Raffle Time; if necessary.

The prices of skins are just an example of value, and may not reflect the exactly current value of Steam Market skins.

If you have any questions about these Rules, please contact us.

Latest Winners
ChaiX's' avatar ChaiX spent 1100 coins (0.24%) P90 | Asiimov (Battle-Scarred) 27 April 2017
HunTeR117DS // Bets.gg's' avatar HunTeR117DS // Bets.gg spent 1000 coins (0.2%) P90 | Trigon (Minimal Wear) 26 April 2017
paki on a flute's' avatar paki on a flute spent 410 coins (0.11%) AWP | Sun in Leo (Field-Tested) 25 April 2017
Archon | CSGO500's' avatar Archon | CSGO500 spent 80898 coins (9.79%) FAMAS | Mecha Industries (Factory New) 24 April 2017
CSGOHandouts.com | Rewards.gg's' avatar CSGOHandouts.com | Rewards.gg spent 10000 coins (3.78%) StatTrak™ Music Kit | Hundredth, FREE 23 April 2017
Chefcases.com CSGetto.com's' avatar Chefcases.com CSGetto.com spent 4000 coins (1.19%) P250 | Cartel (Field-Tested) 21 April 2017
GB' CSGO-CASE.COM CSGORage.com's' avatar GB' CSGO-CASE.COM CSGORage.com spent 5050 coins (0.73%) M4A1-S | Blood Tiger (Factory New) 21 April 2017
ratchet_Ricky's' avatar ratchet_Ricky spent 1560 coins (0.35%) M4A1-S | Nitro (Minimal Wear) 21 April 2017

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